The GENCODE project has collected over 10,000 human long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) genes. However, the vast majority of them remain to be functionally characterized. Computational exploration of potential functions of human lncRNA genes is helpful to guide further experimental studies on lncRNAs. Here, based on expression correlation between lncRNAs and protein-coding genes across 19 human normal tissues, we use the hypergeometric test to functionally annotate a single lncRNA or a set of lncRNA genes with significantly enriched functional terms among the protein-coding genes that are co-expressed with the lncRNA(s). The functional terms include all nodes in the Gene Ontology (GO) and 4,380 human biological pathways collected from 12 pathway databases. We mapped 9,625 human lncRNA genes to GO terms and biological pathways, and developed the first ontology-driven tool named lncRNA2Function, which enables researchers to browse the lncRNAs associated with a specific functional term, the functional terms associated with a specific lncRNA, or to assign functional terms to a set of human lncRNA genes such as a cluster of co-expressed lncRNAs. Currently, LncRNA2Function can help you to:

Browse or search the functions of a specific human lncRNA gene, or lncRNAs associated with a specific function term.

Annotate a set of human lncRNA genes with GO and 4380 biological pathways curated from 12 pathway databases.

View lncRNA expression values across multiple human normal tissues.

Download inferred associations between lncRNAs and functional terms.

Submit known functions of human lncRNAs.

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