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  •  Research on de novo genome assembly based on next generation sequencing (61102149). National Natural Science Fund.   2012~2015
  •  Bioinformatics production development for translational medicine (2012AA020404). National 863 program.   2012~2015
  •  Infrastructure for sharing biological data and translational research (2012AA02A602). National 863 program.   2012~2015
  •  China Defense Program *****   2011~2015
  •  International cooperation program with SK group from Korea.   2012~2014
  •  Disease genes identification based on data integration (2012T50357).   2012~2014
  •  Application of bioinformatics in cancer epigenetics (BRETIII.201219). HIT Basic Research Excellent Talent III.   2012~2014
  •  Research on method to identify pathogenic microRNA based on biological data fusion (20110490108). China Postdoctoral Science Foundation.    2011~2013
  •  Prediction of pathogenic genes based on phenotypic similarity of disease (2010057). Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities.   2011~2012
  •  Mining technology research of the relation between Human microRNA and disease based on biological networks(60973078)  National Natural Science Fund   2010~2012
  •  Prediction of microRNA promoter region and analysis of transcription factor binding sites based on CHIP-SEQ data(60901075)National Natural Science Fund   2010~2012
  •   Research on transcription factors and function of microRNA regulation based on microarray data.     Returned Overseas Scholars Fund of Heilongjiang Project    2010~2012
  •   Research of technology related to semantically based cloud computing platform. FUJITSU R&D CENTER CO., LTD.   2010~2011
  •   Key technologies and software products of bioinformation based on grid(2008BAI64B03)National Key Technology R&D Program   2008~2010
  •   Design and construction of biology technology and industry information sharing platform.National Key Technology R&D Program   2008~2010
  •   Biomedical computing platform for translational medicine(2007AA02Z329)   National 863 Program   2007~2010
  •   Key methods and technologies of analysising the miRNA regulatory mechanism based on microarray data(2007AA02Z302)    National 863 Program   2007~2010
  •   Research of visual programming and simulation technology for biological cells components multileveled(60671013)    National Natural Science Fund   2007~2009
  •   Research of biomedical information integration system and computing platform for digital treatment. National 863 Program2007~2009
  •   Visual programming and simulation technology for biological cells components multileveled. National Natural Science Foundation of China2006~2009
  •   Distributed ****** supporting environment.  General Armaments Department  2006~2008
  •   Bioinformation system integration and application based on grid.  National 863 Program  2006~2008
  •   Creating a treatment decision support system based on clinical treatment information sharing (2006AA02Z344)    National 863 Program   2006~2008
  •   Research of biomedical information data sharing system(2003AA231011)National 863 Program   2003~2005
  •   Research of color matching technology based on neural network and fuzzy regression.National Natural Science Foundation of China2003~2005

































  The information processing platform based on intelligent reasoning technology (2003AA118030)   National 863 Program2003~2005