Bioinformatics Research Center

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2010-10-05 23:58

Currently we are mainly focusing on:


1) Bioinformatics

Our common interests are in the development of computational tools for solving biological problems by analyzing high-throughput biomedical data, such as microarray and Next Generation Sequencing data.

  • NGS de novo genome assembly
  • Identification of alternative splicing isoforms
  • Prediction of structure and function of protein
  • Identification of disease gene and microRNA
  • Computational and statistical analysis in Epigenetics
  • Development of multi-Personal Genome Management System
  • Prediction of transcription factor binding sites and microRNA promoter
  • Analysis of biological network (Transcriptional regulatory network, PPIN)


2) Biomedical informatics

  • Development of Health Information Monitoring system
  • Access, expression and organization of biomedical information and knowledge
  • Development of biomedical knowledge repository and decision support system for translational medicine based on grid and cloud computing