Introduction to InteGO2

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InteGO2 is an easy-to-use web interface which can be used to calculate and visualize the gene-to-gene functional similarities based on GO.

InteGO2 supplies eight state-of-art gene functional similarity measurements for users, including an integrative approach that automatically choose and weigh appropriate measurements for the input genes. Currently, 24 organisms are available. The GO annotations of all organisms are downloaded from the GO website and are updated automatically to ensure that the most recent annotations are used.

Note: The online version of InteGO2 can only compute similarities for no more than 2000 genes in one run. If you need to compute similarities of more genes, please download the local version of InteGO2 (python package) at here.

Citation: (1) Jiajie Peng, Hongxiang Li, Yongzhuang Liu, Liran Juan, Qinghua Jiang, Yadong Wang and Jin Chen. InteGO2:a web tool for measuring and visualizing gene semantic similarities using Gene Ontology. BMC Genomics.2016, 17:530. (2) Jiajie Peng, Yadong Wang, Jin Chen.Towards integrative gene functional similarity measurement. BMC Bioinformatics.2014, 15:1

Step 1: Input the gene list or gene pair list

Click here to fill sample gene in form. (The sample contains 30 genes for Homo sapiens(9606), the type of gene name is UniProtKB.)

OR upload your own file:

The input format is one gene per line or one gene pair per line split with space letter.

Step 2: Select measurements and Gene Ontology categories

Step 3: Submission Information (Optional)